DC006 | The Complete History Of The Nike Air Jordan (1985-Present)

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DC006 | The Complete History Of The Nike Air Jordan (1985-Present)

Streetwear Jobs has launched a great article on The History of the Nike Air Jordan

Taking a look from its origins in the mid 1980s, to modern day hypebeasts and sneaker collectors

The opening paragraph leads into this article brilliantly

"How well do you know your Nike Air Jordans? Do you remember your first pair? The sensation you had as you laced them up for the first time and felt ‘like Mike’ himself. It’s a feeling that many can relate to. And for a respectable reason. The Nike x Jordan collaboration and the history of the Nike Air Jordan has revolutionised the game, on and off the court. Over time, the legacy of Michael Jordan has been integrated into his sneakers. The brand designed annual releases which represent the achievements made in Michael’s flourishing career. Not to mention, the advances in sports technology"  

You want to read more don't you!

For the full article, click here

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