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Drifters LDN

“Ever changing with the wind”

One of the things I've always tried to do with Dernier Cri is bring UK based lifestyle and streetwear clothing into one place where people can see and shop the diversity we have in the UK.  I'll be honest, this started with 'skate wear' style brands but slowly this has evolved to suit any type of occasion, looking at terms as 'premium streetwear' or 'casual fashion'.

One of the brands that certainly fit within the 'premium streetwear' term is Drifters LDN.  A range that has tee's and sweats, like most streetwear aligned brands, but they have moved into a more smarter edge with shirts, leather belts, laptop bags and more.  

The diversity of this brand is exciting for me.  

Here is the story of Drifters and founder Latifah Usman

"Drifters was created out of all the different places I have lived and travelled to."

I am a British Nigerian woman who went to school in Egypt. I identify with a couple different cultures, grown up around various religions, have knowledge of quite a few languages and it became apparent very early on that all these little differences and fluctuations we experience as people throughout our life journey contribute to what we wear and what shapes us.

Drifters is a product of my expression and love for all the different things that make me up as a black woman and an interpretation of the African men I grew up with and continue to be inspired by every day.

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