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What’s your take on the sneaker world at the moment compared to say 5 years ago when collaborations/hype drops etc weren’t as common?

I still love the industry but am not a huge follower of “hype culture” as I buy what I think looks great. 80% of my purchases are general releases that are available for weeks before they sell out. I think people need to find their own style and not necessarily follow the hype trends too much. It’s about being unique right?

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into the sneaker world?

This is one of the fastest moving and exciting industries going – the creativity, marketing and culture is unrivalled. If you are looking to get your foot in the door then I would highly recommend jumping in at the retail level if you can, even if for a few months. This will help you build product knowledge and is a great step into the offices of the big brands. For instance, I know many people who have worked in Size?, Nike, JD Sports etc who have then transitioned from shop floor to head office. One particular success story is a guy I know that worked at Nike slowly transitioning from retail in London to eventually working on a huge project in their US HQ.

Like anything, honesty, hard work and ambition are the traits that companies want to see. If you express you ambition whilst working hard and being a joy to work with, you are gonna go far.


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