DC011 | Gift Ideas for Teenagers

DC011 | Gift Ideas for Teenagers

It’s been a scary year for many of us, but teenagers especially. According to research mentioned by the Independent, half of British teenagers struggled to stop worrying on occasion. Therefore, it seems even more important than ever to take advantage of all celebrations including putting a little more thought into gift choices. 

Teenagers can admittedly be a pretty tricky group to buy presents for. What exactly do they consider “cool”? If you’re genuinely none the wiser, here are a few teenager-friendly gift ideas to inspire you.

Musical instruments 

A drum kit might not seem like the most obvious thing to buy for your teenager – but, these days, you can find certain drum kits that make clever use of technology. One good case in point is the Senstroke drum kit, which can be used with wearable Bluetooth sensors and an app-connected drumming pad. 

If your teenager isn’t quite a budding Phil Collins, though, you could forgo a drum kit in favour of the Casio CT-S200RD keyboard, which can be linked to an app for tutorial purposes. 

Eco-friendly products 

Environmentalism is probably now a stronger movement than ever before, and it’s often teenagers that are leading the charge. This explains why your teenager may particularly pounce on eco-friendly products like a reusable water bottle or tote bag.

You could even find that it’s possible to get, for their particular model of phone, an environmentally-friendly case. That could be a recycled, recyclable or compostable case – be sure to read product descriptions carefully to make sure you know exactly what eco credentials apply.

Self-help books

This year, mental health has obviously been a big issue for many of us, teenagers included. So, your teen might take a lot of comfort from receiving and reading a self-help book. 

As for what self-help book exactly, you could opt for Paul McGee’s YESSS! The S.U.M.O. Secrets to being a Positive, Confident Teenager, which also features beautiful illustrations by Fiona Osborne.


It feels like you can never really go wrong with buying chocolate for people, and those people certainly include teenagers. You probably know better than anyone else what type of chocolate they most like, too – whether it’s white, dark, orange, mint or even just classic milk chocolate or something else entirely.

If your teen has particularly eclectic tastes in chocolate, though, you could always buy an assorted selection box – such as one from Lindt containing truffles and bars in caramel, orange and milk varieties. 


We’ve got a generous stock of both women’s and men’s streetwear here at Dernier Cri, enabling you to easily source something that will look great on your teen.  

For example, whether your teenager is male or female, you could get them a streetwear-inspired jacket that will see them through the rest of winter, keeping them warm inside but making a statement on the outside. Our streetwear selection you can peruse on our website also includes t-shirts, bags and – of course – face masks, allowing your teenager to help protect themselves from COVID in style.

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