DC012 | How to wear Air Force 1's

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DC012 | How to wear Air Force 1's

Before we get started, lets ask a very simple question; if you know you're going out [out] do you (a) get ready outfit first then worry about the #trainers later or do you (b) know what trainers you're wearing and the outfit simply accentuates the trainers?

The answer is (b) if you're a #sneaker fan.

Me, I've been known to know exactly what trainers I'm wearing weeks before going anywhere!  That could be a job interview, wedding, night out and, embarrassingly in my case, a funeral.

I've been very open of my love of Adidas Superstars, and are definitely my trainers of choice.  I know what colourway will go with what in my wardrobe. 

I'm fully aware that my love of Superstars is a choice preference they're not better or worse than others, lets call it the Hip Hop kid in me comes out in my trainers but everyone has their own preference

Arguably one of the most iconic sneakers and certainly an original OG of the trainer market is Nike's Air Force 1.  Deeply routed in Hip Hop, like the Superstar, the #AirForce1 is a staple for many a trainer-fanatic, seeing them fetch 000's on the resale market

But how do you wear you them?

How to wear Air Force 1's

Height Is Everything!

If you didn't know, Air Force 1's come in three sizes, Low, Mid and High.  The start of many a fight has been which is better, ironically no fight has ever sorted the debate either, but it does seem that the Lows come out on top because of their adaptability in trends.

Your choice of height will be determined by a number of factors; for example, Highs don't look great on people with big feet.  Weather seasons also play a part with Lows the go-to in summer as they compliment well with shorts but don't rule out the Mids or Highs!  These can easily be tagged in to freshen up this, or any, look. 

Dirty Air Force 1's?  Afraid not.

We've all been to a festival and seen dirty trainers.  In fact, lets be honest, we've all got dirty trainers!  But a little known fact is that some look good dirty!  Don't believe me?  Think Converse All Stars, Vans, even my Superstar can fall into this category.  Look great fresh but not adverse to the used look. Air Force 1s?  Nope!

No one should be caught in a pair of Air Force 1's that look like they've been dragged through the hedge backwards.  I can only think "doing the walk of shame" as an acceptable excuse.

Preventative care maybe the answer rather than how you clean them after the fact. A quick look on YouTube videos have this as a staple "Waterproof Spray on leather, suede and/or nubuck protector before wearing and after cleaning. Use at least two coats, depending on the product, and let them dry before wearing".

We've all seen the adverts for quick fixes or a new cleaning product but you still can't go wrong with water, soap, Magic Erasers and a prayer to whichever God your belief centres to.  Mine is the temple of Adi Dassler

Personally, I have another method.  Yes, I know they're Superstars but its the same for everyones trainer of choice...

Keep a pair of All-Whites on the backburner!

There's really no excuse not to have a set of "all whites" in the cupboard.  Just for the simple facts that they will never go out of style and they go with just about anything

So how do you fix major creasing?

Its inevitable on Air Force 1's.  The material is susceptible to it from the get go. I can only say that the first time it happens is like watching your child fall and cut themselves for the first time!  It pains you to see it but it was always going to happen sooner or later.

There are ways to prevent major creasing;

- Use foam inserts that you can slip inside your shoe by the toe box so they don't crinkle up every time you take a step

- dampen a WHITE towel (so colours won't rub off on the sneaker), place it over the creased area, take a hot iron and gently iron over the area.

They look great with baggier/more relaxed pants

We're massive advocates of the relaxed/wide-leg trouser at Dernier Cri but then all skater lifestyle folks are I guess.  A pair of classic 874 Dickies that sit right above the top of a pair of Lows, or a Co-Ord tracksuit set with an elasticated cuff for a pair of Mids or Highs look great 

As for denim, the length and how they fall is the main issue of how an Air Force 1 looks. Pretty much any denim could work with Air Force 1's but make sure they're tapered at the bottom!  This is so they stack up a bit as they hit the shoe!

Finally, what's the proper way to lace a pair of Air Force 1's

If you've been at home or in the office scrolling through YouTube videos on Air Force 1's, I'm sure you've resurfaced from an hour long rabbit hole of "how to lace" tutorials. How you lace your Air Force 1's is a way to show-off your individuality.

But remember, don't tie them too tight!

A couple of noted points is that the length of the Lows and Mids laces are perfect for the not-too-loose untied look.  To do this though, the laces need to be done all the way to the last or second-to-last lace hole.

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