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286 Clothing 2–8–6® is an independent clothing brand based in Bristol that produce limited run, unisex clothing. Built with heart to make you feel good. Owned by Danny Osborne, a designer based in Bristol, he has built an ethical clothing label that concentrates on quality and detail, with all their garments produced using only premium materials. Influenced by the sometimes weird and often wonderful world around us, they use their experiences past, present and future as inspiration to create their garments. Shop their range on #derniercristore

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One of our new brands for 2020 is Consigned.  As part of their 2020 collection, they are driving forward sustainability, reducing its impact on the environment with the launch of its first collection made from sustainable materials. The Re-Consigned Collection is produced from used plastic bottles. Each bottle is broken down into tiny fragments, crushed, and then spun into thread which is then re constructed into their new signature nylon. The material is a waterproof base which features a rip stop type weave for extra strength and durability. The construction of the material also means it is suited for closed loop...

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