Audio Architect Apparel is the celebration of our music, honouring the ideas, technology and people that gave us our culture.

Audio Architect Apparel is the makers, the shakers, the followers and creators. It’s the elegance in hard work and the calm under pressure. It’s those moments before you walk on stage and the deafening ones when you walk off. It's the beauty in design and it belongs to the ideas hidden in plain view.

It's the dreams and the journeys, the late-night laughs and the bloodshot early-morning-eyes ones that switch life into vibrant stereo. It's a way of life that appreciates the class in science and technology. It's clever, subtle, stylish design with a passion in imagination and integrity in intellect, and it’s an instrument of individualism. 

Buying one of their garments includes tunes for you to download and keep. This isn't free music, you have actually paid for that piece of music. It's yours to download and keep forever. The artists earn money from your purchase so you are supporting the music industry and your purchase even counts towards a chart position. Get them a hit while getting yourself stylish new threads.