Backwards Brain

Think Backwards Brain

Backwards Brain is the brainchild (pun intended) of Cat and Leo - a mother and son team who both believe in the power of fashion to make a difference.

Leo got into designer brands a year ago. He’s 14 but small for his age and sick of having to wear ‘Junior’ clothing. He saw how good the adult designs were, but the smaller sizes just weren’t cut from the same cloth. The labels on the stuff he was wearing were only good for one thing - scissors. And the sizing issue really started affecting his self-esteem.

So, Cat set him a challenge - do something about it! Being a man of action, that’s what he did :) He decided to use his unique brain to #bemorebrain and now they’re on a mission to get the world thinking differently about designer clothing, and specifically sizing.  They've taken traditional clothes sizing and flipped it on its head. Now nobody needs to be labelled.

“Every child is different and unique - inside and out. I have 3 very different boys at home, aged between 5 and 14, and not one of them fits into their ‘expected’ age group when it comes to clothes. This seemed like a common problem - so Backwards Brain was born!

We were fed up with spending eye-watering amounts of money on ill-fitting, poor-quality clothes. We often had to buy the ‘Junior’ versions of tops and hoodies, which unfortunately tend to be made differently yet still have a similar price tag to the adult equivalents.

We’ve worked hard to develop an eye-catching brand with unusual designs that doesn’t categorise young men by age or size bracket.

With mounting social pressure on young men, we wanted to remove some of the stress and give them a way to buy fashionable, well-made clothes that wouldn’t make them feel self-conscious or inadequate. This led to the start of our sizing revolution.  Everyone should feel confident and comfortable. There are already far too many things for young people to worry about - so we’re here to make choosing clothes as easy as possible.”

Cat Ransome, Backwards Brain founder

“My main interest in life is skating but I absolutely LOVE designer clothes! I know it’s an expensive ‘hobby’ but my mum can’t complain as I got it from her!

“I’m physically smaller than my friends which is annoying (yes, I get banter about it from time to time). But what really gets to me is the fact that I have to buy clothes in the Junior ranges, when these don’t have the same variety as the adult sizes in the designer brands that I like. The fit’s all wrong and the quality of the adult-sized clothing is always so much better.

“My mum’s worked really hard to get this off the ground for me, and I hope it’s a success because I would love to see our clothes in Selfridges - how sick would THAT be?!”

Leo Ransome, Backwards Brain founder