Johannes Wittig

Merging Photography & Fashion

Johannes Wittig is a 23 year old student from London who merged his passions for photography and fashion, to bring to the fore a collection of high quality products.

For him, it was always about creating a set of designs that he would love and give others the opportunity to have a unique product that brings them joy, in the comfort of the garment, and also the clothes' ability to stand out.

A pursuit of photography since 2014 and his subsequent fortunate opportunities to travel has allowed him to capture the visuals printed and precisely stitched on the clothes. The dye-sublimation process avoids printing directly onto the garments allowing the prints to retain their sharpness for far longer than mainstream methods. The aim to combine both comfort with stunning standalone designs is the vision behind this first collection. Symmetry and simplicity defines the narrative of the prints and the monochrome base upon which they are framed.

The concept of creating versatile, original and high-quality designs is a simple one, now is your chance to wear Johannes Wittig's first collection.

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