RPN Clothing

RPN are a one cut oversized t-shirt brand that has its sights set firmly on offering functional products that are colourful and cool.  Their T-shirts are much longer and wider for a baggy and casual fit

So if slightly bigger and baggier T-shirts are what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place!

Arts and visual inspiration 

We take inspiration from all kinds of arts and visuals to create quirky, colourful, eye-catching products and prints. We are passionate about combining our cool and colourful patterns with function - whilst very much keeping it casual.

They are also inspired by simple and interesting product design, as well as a combination of simplicity and function, not only in clothing but in many other life-enhancing day to day products. 

A loose-fitting T-Shirt is perfect for keeping you cool.  Nobody wants to be uncomfortably hot and nobody likes sweats patches. The over regular, as a product, will offer this basic functional service first - something you won't find anywhere on the high street. 

Prints may vary, but cut and size will not.