Scheme Wear

Scheme is UK-based luxury streetwear brand founded in 2019 by friends, Tyler Rockett and Josh Hill; two guys with a passion for clothing, retail and design.

They decided they wanted to create a brand which appeals to people just like them.  Scheme™ is an outlet for theme to create and experiment with clothing they enjoy and find others who share their passion for design & fashion combined.

They love Streetwear Culture and the way it helps individuals to stand out, feel confident and really make a statement with what they wear. That fresh new piece thrill is the feeling they crave, and a craving they want to satisfy. Their goal as a brand is to provide this feeling, through a consistent, constantly evolving shop of streetwear collections.

If your outfit's fresh, you're feeling good. Their product offering is very much inspired by this mindset. They create exclusive collections of unique pieces that complete your outfits and make you feel good about your style. 

They strive to keep a variety of staple pieces in each of their collections; from simplistic design to statement pieces, so whatever vibe your going for, we're sure they've got something for you.