Dernier Cri was set up after I found I was looking for clothes but I couldn't find them on the High Street or City Centres.  Of course there were certain stores at certain times of the year where I could walk in and spend a fortune... but not when I really needed it!

What I wanted was something that was in fashion... but also me!  This is where Dernier Cri comes in

I've set out to build a store that brings up-and-coming UK brands together where they can gain more exposure within a capsule of their work.  This will be primarily unisex casual streetwear but this will grow for sure.  I'm not saying that there's 'something for everyone' but Dernier Cri will take certain nods towards Music and Lifestyle where people can appreciate the product through nostalgia, support or even humour but for me, I would like them to buy it because it's fashionable and it suits them!

We're based in Brighton in a small little office but don't let that fool you!  From small beginnings comes a movement!

I'm guessing you're also thinking what Dernier Cri stands for?   The very latest fashion!